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Our Marketing Essentials

A lot of businesses do 1 or 2 of these Marketing Essentials…but these essentials are far less effective when you’re not doing every piece AND if they’re not communicating with each other.
For example, you could have a great looking website, but if it’s not all over Google, in front of customers searching for your services… people won’t be able to find it. Or, you could have great reviews on one review site, but if a potential client goes somewhere else online they won’t be able to see all of the positive things your customers are saying about you.
So we’ve taken the liberty to combine these Marketing Essentials into one platform not only to help focus on getting you NEW customers…But also to help you maintain your customer base to ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing.

Are your Customers Loyal?

It Cost 4 times more to Acquire a new Customer than it is to retain an existing one.

Research has shown a customer that has your app comes to your business 50% more than a customer who doesn't

Powerful Features

We offer all the tools and features you need to connect with your on-the-go customers

Loyalty Card

1 (1)Turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers by rewarding them
for choosing your store time and time again users just hand their phones over
and you type in your ultra secret code to add a point to their card.
  • Reward your repeat customers
  • Customize stamp requirements
  • Tailor the layout to your needs

Push Notifications

264% of customers want businesses to use push notifications
to alert them about special deals.

In-App Coupons

8Give your customers an extra incentive to stop by and make a purchase.
Better deals for them, more business for you.


Satisfy your customers’ cravings by letting them order their favorite food
at the tap of a button — from wherever they happen to be.

Food Ordering

Take-out tastes better when you can order it on the go. With the native Food Ordering feature,
restaurants see a direct return on investment, placing ordering power in the customer’s hands.
With easy online management, your hostess doesn’t need to worry about mishearing another order
(did they say “vegan” or “bacon”?).
  • Update menu items
  • Post pricing & availability
  • Accept payment in-app
  • Receive email & printed confirmations

Mobile shopping cart

Build your own marketplace or integrate your online store with this simple sales solution.
Through our Merchandise feature, businesses can stock their stores without the back injuries.
  • Customize item photos & descriptions
  • Set delivery fees & tax rates
  • Manage your orders through the dash
  • Accept payment in-app

Engaging Multimedia Integration

Showing off is easy with the beautiful Gallery feature. Integrate your Flickr, Instagram,
or Picasa albums, or create an exclusive in-app gallery.
  • Select from multiple display options
  • Add custom captions
  • Segment albums

3rd Party Integration

Include a blog by integrating your RSS feed to allow your users
to quickly and easily read your blog posts.

Packages & Pricing

What We Offer


What Other Companies Offer


(Customer Retention)


(Acquiring New Customers & Retention)

Custom Mobile app
Onsite Professional Videos/Photos  


Social Media Marketing 
Responsive Website
Call Tracking
Dashboard Management System  

Reputational management  

$1000 Down


$1000 Down


 Web Presence  $300
Search Engine Optimization $900
Social Media $1100
Reputation Management  $400
Email Marketing $250

(Total $2,950/month)

We Guarantee 50 New Customers Every Month Or Get A Free Month.


30 day money back guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with your mobile app within the first month of service, AppsDezign Mart guarantees to refund your payment. AppsDezign Mart is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

AppsDezign Mart is a Florida based agency, specializing in Digital Marketing and Mobile App Development. Whether you’re a big company, a small company or a startup, our talented marketers and App development team can create an effective marketing strategy to put you ahead of the competitors. Here at AppsDezign Mart, we are an extremely customer oriented company and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We truly understand, not all businesses can afford a high-end company to create a mobile app for them. So here at AppsDezign Mart we offer a cost-effective solution for business owners to get a seamless and dynamic app designed for their business and an effective marketing strategy with proven results.

Once upon a time, a mobile phone just made calls. Now, only the most basic mobile phones are call-only. Instead, modern smartphones are powerful mini-computers that can run programs called “apps.” When your business puts out an app, customers can download it to their smartphones and interact with your business on the go. They can perform whatever functions you choose, from simple things to looking up your phone number, location, or upcoming events, to more complicated things like submitting orders or sending a message to a customer service rep.

We have a huge wealth of powerful features for you to incorporate into your app!  Here are some of the highlights:

One-Touch Dialing. Customers can call your business with a single click.
Push Notifications. Send attractive and customized promotions, coupons, and event invites to customers through our advanced push notification system.
Loyalty Program. Reward your regulars.
Mobile Shopping Cart. Customers can submit orders directly through your app.
Food Ordering / Mobile Reservations. If you’ve got a restaurant, you can provide your customers with total convenience.
Tell-a-Friend. Customers can refer their friends through social media.
GPS Directions. To lead people right to your location.
Music Player. If you want to promote your band, your app can become a mobile listening station.
Custom Email FormsCustom Email Forms. Get customized email messages out quickly.
Video. Make the most of your YouTube channel and import video into your app.
Image Galleries. A photo album of your business.
Program Integration. Your app can work seamlessly with a huge variety of your favorite apps and tools.
And so much more!

-Select your features (e.g. Contact Info, Products, Social Media, etc).

-Organize your content  (i.e. about you content, mission statement, menus of services, photos, videos for gallery and etc.

-Customize the app’s appearance (choose colors similar to your logo assets, etc.) to cater to your business brand.


-Publish to the iTunes App store and Google play store.

iOS apps – that work on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads

Android apps – that work on Samsung, Google, HTC, and other devices
  • Submission to the app store(s) of your choice.
  • Lifetime support and maintenance of your app.
  • Regular updates and improvements to your app.
  • A powerful CMS account to update your app, instantly, at any time.

And more!

Once development is complete, we will submit your app to the iTunes App Store or Android Market (as applicable) within 48 hours. It then takes about a week to gain approval. In the highly unlikely event that your app is rejected, we will make the necessary changes to make sure your App gets approved.

Certainly. Whether you have launched a brand new business or decided to update your marketing strategy, the results of your work commonly become apparent and noticeable after three to four months of letting AppsDezign Mart implement SEO and other services for you. That’s why we require a minimum contract of six months. After Six months of using AppsDezign Mart, not only will you see your webpages rise in the search rank, but the foot traffic for your business will directly increase as a result.

The most competitive keywords for your products and budget are selected by an experienced SEO specialist. Keywords are researched and chosen using the best-known practices in the industry while factoring in what will give your business the best chance at success. This task is included as part of our full-service search engine optimization package.

When you opt for a full-service SEO package, you’ll receive a custom search engine optimization strategy tailored specifically to your website and your companies search ranking goals. At AppsDezign Mart, we offer a full-service website audit – analyzing your current use of keywords throughout your web copy and meta data. As part of your SEO package, we can implement site-wide changes to your keyword focus, meta titles, and meta descriptions in addition to updating or rewriting your web copy (onsite content). We don’t stop there! We help our small businesses promote themselves by including an offsite content strategy. Your offsite content includes links from articles we write and publish for you as well as relevant and reputable directory listings to help put your business on the map



Responsive Website

Our websites are compatible with all devices and proven to get you calls and emails at a higher rate than the average small business website.


Onsite – Video

Our professional videographer comes to your location, writes scripts, shoots, directs and edits the video.


Social Media Management

We build, maintain and create content for your Facebook business page and Blog.


Custom Mobile App

Keep your customers coming back and increase your sales.


Dashboard Management system

Get powerful stats presented in an easy to understand way, giving you a behind the scene view of your website.


Call Tracking

Track calls back to website visitors. Review recorded calls to track performance.

All-in-one, Affordable Marketing
Solution for your Business

Do you run a local business? Get your name out there with AppsDezign Mart’s marketing essentials. You’ll get a dynamic mobile App, an optimized website, search engine placement, an automated Facebook presence, and more — plus a complete setup and ongoing marketing support.

Reward Your Customers. Reward Your Business.

Businesses love AppsDezign Mart

  • Testimonial
    sunglass app We'd recommend AppsDezign Mart to any sunglass shop owner out there, because the mobile app helped us increase the quality of service we offer to our clients.
    Fernando Vergez / OwnerFernand Optical
  • Testimonial
    KosherThe great thing about AppsDezign Mart is that they have made it possible for our customers to easily order right through their mobile phones.  
    Juke Goldstein / OwnerKRG
  • Testimonial
    q2 (1)By far, the mobile app has been the most efficient tool we've used. The push notification feature is a great asset and really improved patient engagement.
    Dr. Shintre / OwnerGetMed Urgent Care
  • Testimonial
    q1 (1)AppsDezign Mart has allowed us to easily stay in touch with our clients and make a lot of money.
    Joseph Latif/ Owner​Best Buy Beauty Supply


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